How to Apply NV By Jeunesse Global #Be the Envy! How to Use!

Want the airbrushed look, but not sure how to start? Jeunesse has the answer. Introducing NV™, a BB Perfecting Mist Foundation, Primer and Bronzer. The exciting new product allows for easy application, coupled with a skin-nourishing formula that will make you the envy of everyone you meet. Learn How to Use the NV Spray System

How easy? Check out the pair of steps it takes to make you look as beautiful as you feel on the inside:

1. PREPARE Shake bottle for 5 seconds.

2. CONCEAL Mist into palm, then blend into skin with fingertip or NV puff.

3. APPLY Close eyes, hold bottle 8 inches from face, and evenly mist the center of face in zig-zag motion.

4. BLEND Wait 10 seconds before blending foundation with NV puff.

Remember, NV isn’t just a makeup – it has vitamins, aloe and APT-200™ to nourish and hydrate skin while rejuvenating it for a more youthful appearance. NV is Beauty with Benefits.

Learn from Mykle Miles, a professional makeup artist, how to get the flawless, enviable look: Visit Jeunesse Official Website





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