Talk Fusion 30 Day Free Trial Marketing System


It’s one of the most exciting offers to ever come from Talk Fusion: the 30 day Free Trial of our all-in-one Video Marketing Solution! Launching on April 12, the Free Trial program will let any person or business (home-based, small, medium, or large) try every single one of our products for free for thirty days.

The entire goal of Free Trials is to let people “try before they buy” and experience everything our products have to offer.

With all the excitement surrounding the announcement, it’s easy to overlook the actual Free Trial experience itself. What will it be like for someone going through a Free Trial? If you’re going to hand them out, you should know what it’s like being part of a Free Trial, right? So let’s shine the spotlight on the Free Trial Experience!


Anyone is a perfect candidate to become a Free Trial User and there are many ways to offer them a Free Trial. It could be as simple as calling someone you know on the phone, sending your contacts a Video Email or Video Newsletter with a Free Trial template, or even meeting new people in person and handing them a colorful Free Trial product brochure.

No matter how you get their attention, once you have it, you’ll send prospective Free Trial Users to your self-replicated marketing site ( or self-replicated join site ( Visitors who go directly to the corporate site at will also be able to sign up for Free Trials (and if they decide to buy, they will automatically be assigned to an Associate upline.)


Getting started with a new 30 day Free Trial couldn’t be easier. The new Free Trial User clicks a “Try It Now” button and is taken to an extremely EASY online sign-up form. It’s absolutely risk free; no credit card is needed. Just a name, email address, and password. SIMPLE!

Once the Free Trial User confirms their email address (so we know we’re sending messages to the right person) they can start using Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution right away for 30 days – FREE!

Get Your Talk Fusion 30 Day Free Trial Today! Learn How to Get Paid Instantly!



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