Avon the Best Direct Selling for Women

At Avon, beauty is the journey, empowerment is the destination. And selling Avon as an independent Representative is an opportunity to achieve financial independence and attain that empowerment.

Avon is one of the world’s largest direct sellers, but it’s still all about relationships and social connections. The company wants to help you achieve your goals. So Avon’s field management, as well as your fellow Representatives, provide mentoring, training and support every step of the way. With Avon, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

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Powerful Brand

Avon has a presence in countries around the world and enjoys 90% brand recognition in most major markets. Thanks to our incredible global reach, Avon Representatives sell four lipsticks every second.

As an Avon Representative, you’d have the chance to sell award-winning products from an iconic company with a world-class R&D team. And you’d be able to offer customers a broad range of products that appeal to a diverse consumer base.

Two Ways to Earn, Two Ways to Sell

There are two ways to earn money as an Avon Representative: by selling products or – as a Sales Representative through the Sales Leadership program – by selling products while recruiting others.

The two ways to sell are in person and online. The higher your campaign (selling cycle) sales are, the greater the percentage you’ll earn on those sales. Representatives in the Sales Leadership program earn money based on their personal sales plus their recruits’ sales, with a similar progressive earnings structure.

Leading Technology

Avon is innovating the direct-selling industry, enabling Representatives to run their businesses and maximize their earnings as never before. The company leverages the most advanced digital tools – on the Internet, social media and mobile technology – so a Representative’s business integrates seamlessly with the way people today connect, share and shop.


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