Origami Owl Direct Selling Jewelry MLM

Origami Owl Founder Had Big Dreams! From the very beginning, I knew we were doing something very special. Women immediately loved the Living Locket and the connection they created through wearing one. It wasn’t long before I was getting asked questions on how they too could share Origami Owl. Fast forward a couple of years, with the hard work from my friends and family, Origami Owl now has more than 60,000 Independent Designers across the country. The best part is they too get to pursue their very own dreams by selling our jewelry at home parties .

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Even though Origami Owl has seen incredible success in these few short years, it has always been more than just selling jewelry. We are deeply committed to being a force for good and making a difference in the lives of others. We strive to help others achieve their dreams, just like I achieved mine. Yes! I did get that car. It’s a white Jeep named Alice after my favorite Disney character.

Our story is only just beginning to unfold and I hope it can be a part of your story too.

The foundation of Origami Owl is shaped by its guiding principles. From our home office we call The Nest, to our Distributors we call Independent Designers in the field, our mission and core values are more than just words, they are a way of life. We are united in our beliefs to show respect, love and honesty to those who surround us and to empower others to reach their dreams.

As hard as we like to work, we also LOVE to play! Connection is the key to our unity and fun is what inspires us to always put our best foot forward. Dance parties, team building activities, company lunches and volunteer work keep us motivated and unified in our efforts to always be a force for good.


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