VISALUS Weight Loss MLM Company USA

The Challenge is a complete healthy lifestyle platform for everybody and every body. Having helped create over 3 million transformations worldwide, The Challenge provides all of the programs, products and support for your weight-loss and fitness goals. It’s simple, affordable, effective…and FUN! Whether your goal is losing a few inches, staying active, or completely transforming yourself, our proven Challenge programs offer everything you need to achieve your goals.

Learn How to Explode Your MLM Business & Get Paid Instantly


What is the 90-Day Challenge?

With the Body by Vi Challenge, you can focus on setting and achieving a 90-day Challenge goal and then show the world how you transformed yourself—and be rewarded for it. After 90 days, submit your weight-loss, active or fitness results for a chance to become a Challenge Champion or Vi Model and enjoy cash rewards, national/international recognition, and a lot more.

Body by Vi
Promoter Rewards

Live it, Love it, Promote it

The power of Vi is more than just the company behind The Challenge – it’s about the vast Community within it. Vi Promoters are the most important component of our Community. Promoters transform the lives of others every day through the Body by Vi™ Challenge, fostering better Life, Health and Prosperity around the world. We are proud to reward our Promoters with one of the most truly innovative rewards Programs in the world!


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