Le-Vel DFT Black Label Thrive Plus

DFT Black Label—part of our WEARABLE NUTRITION product line—is the next evolution in Le-Vel’s patent pending Derma Fusion Technology (DFT). Over the last two years Derma Fusion Technology has soared to the top of the Health & Wellness Industry as the apex product in terms of health, wellness, fitness and weight management. Black Label is not only the next evolution of Derma Fusion Technology, but it’s an entirely different formula than standard DFT, and DFT Ultra.

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Also important with Black Label is that through this new formula, we’ve not only taken Derma Fusion Technology to the next level, but we’ve taken the whole Thrive 8-Week Experience to a new level. This was accomplished by supporting many health benefits that are already supported in the capsules and lifestyle mix; but supporting these benefits from an entirely different approach through the Black Label Formula and the enhanced Derma Fusion Technology that Black Label represents. For example, when you look at Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules, and Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix, you’ll notice that they also offer support in terms of weight management. However, the approach taken with Black Label to support weight management is totally different in terms of the formula as a whole. This holds true for many other benefits of the Black Label formula.

Customers and Promoters who combine Black Label with the Thrive 8 Week Experience (Thrive Capsules, Thrive Lifestyle Mix, DFT Black Label) should experience results unrivaled in terms of general health, wellness, fitness, weight management, mental acuity, mood elevation and metabolic support.


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